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Destiny 2 Raid Stream: Where to Watch the Last Wish Raid

The Forsaken expansion for Destiny 2 has been out for a week now, but only today are we getting the release of the new Last Wish Raid. It’ll undoubtedly be quite popular, and so you might be thinking of checking out a Destiny 2 Raid stream to see some professional players tackle it first. But where can you go to watch a Last Wish Raid stream? We’re here to help.

Where to Watch the Destiny 2 Raid Stream

The main hub for everything to do with Destiny 2 streaming is, of course, Twitch. You can head to the Destiny 2 page directly here for a general look if you don’t have any particular streamers in mind. You can also check out our own Game Revolution Twitch channel, just in case we decide to stream Destiny 2 at some point.

What is the Destiny 2: Forsaken Last Wish Raid?

The Last Wish Raid is the newest Raid for Destiny 2, and comes as part of the Forsaken expansion which launched last week. The new Raid kicked off earlier today, September 14. It’s set in the Dreaming City, which has been corrupted by an evil force and it’s up to you and your Fireteam to save it. The minimum required Power level is around 520, but if you’re planning on taking part we strongly recommend your character is at least 550.

The Last Wish is said to be the biggest Raid Bungie has ever made for a Destiny game. It’s likely you’ll need anything up to three hours to complete the Raid, if not significantly more. The Leviathan Raid from a year ago had around six trials, not including the final boss, so expect to be playing it for a while. We quite understand wanting to watch a stream you can dip in and out of instead.

If you haven’t got three hours spare, you can check out the far shorter trailer for the Last Wish Raid below.