Check Out The Destiny 2 Forsaken Launch Trailer

The Destiny 2 Forsaken launch trailer is live, so prepare to see the untimely demise of Cayde-6 yet again. Even though the event technically doesn’t happen until the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion releases next week, we’ve known the fate of the fan-favorite character for a while now with Bungie even making a big deal about it at Gamescom this year.

If you’d like to see the Exo and Hunter Vanguard die all over again, take a look at the newly released Destiny 2 Forsaken launch trailer down below.

Looking like something worthy of a Hollywood screening in and of itself, there’s a lot to digest in the Destiny 2 Forsaken launch trailer. The emphasis of the whole expansion is to track and hunt down the man who put Cayde-6 in the dirt. His name? Uldren Sov. Billed as the “most transformative” expansion of the Destiny franchise yet, Forsaken kicks off Destiny 2’s second year of content with an emotional bang.

But it isn’t just Uldren Sov you’ll be shooting down in the expansion. Eight “Barons” have escaped from the Prison of Elders, and it’s up to you to find them.

Destiny 2 Forsaken releases worldwide next Tuesday, September 4. You’ll need to have picked up the base Destiny 2 game and its two current expansions to jump right in, but those looking to get in on the action can opt for the Destiny 2 Forsake Complete Collection to get all currently available content and a level boost to start right with the rest of the player base once the Forsaken expansion goes live.

If you’re already a Destiny 2 veteran, you’ll still need to open up your wallet to slide into the plethora of new content coming your way next week. Destiny 2 Forsaken is the start of Destiny 2’s Year 2 content, meaning your current Expansion Pass is basically useless from here on out. The expansion itself is priced like a game sequel, meaning you’re looking at a full-priced upgrade with an optional Year 2 season pass tossed on top.

The expansion itself brings the Gambit PvP mode (which you can playtest this weekend), nine new Super abilities, the Tangled Shore location, plenty of new weapons and strikes, and, of course, the expansive new storyline with all its Awoken secrets.