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Sunset Overdrive PC Achievements – Is Chaos Squad in Sunset Overdrive on PC?

Sunset Overdrive made its Xbox One debut just over four years ago. Insomniac’s colorful open-world shooter wowed everyone who gave it a chance. However, it’s been limited to Xbox since its release as it’s one of Microsoft’s few console exclusives. That window seems to be coming to a close, as a list of Sunset Overdrive PC achievements has appeared online. While it reads similarly to the list on Xbox One, it does reveal a few possible details about the version of Sunset Overdrive coming to Windows 10 and Steam in the near future.

Sunset Overdrive PC Achievements – Is Sunset Overdrive Xbox Play Anywhere?

The first thing to note is that this list of Sunset Overdrive PC achievements is a different list from the original Xbox One game. This means that the game won’t be a part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program, and owners may have to double dip. Some values are different from before, making it a total of 1,000 possible points. This includes integrating the DLC achievements into the main list, implying that the version of Sunset Overdrive launching on PC will have all those missions built in from the get-go. That’s a pretty common practice for re-releases, especially years after the fact, but it’s good to know either way.

Eight achievements are just straight up gone from the Sunset Overdrive PC achievements list. These achievements all tied into the game’s multiplayer mode, known as Chaos Squad. This would seem to imply that Chaos Squad is not returning for the re-release, which is another common trend for games of this vintage. For what it’s worth, loading into Chaos Squad nowadays produces nothing but empty lobbies, so the mode didn’t really take off. Still, from a game preservationist’s standpoint, it’s a disappointing omission.

Sunset Overdrive PC Achievements – I Should Get Paid for This Guide

For the achievements that do return, a few of them will be difficult to obtain. One of the most challenging is “I Should Get Paid for This,” which has you trying to overcome the score of Insomniac’s QA team in the level Buck’s Revenge. This is one of the game’s tower defense sequences where waves of enemies will descend into a controlled area. You’ll need to keep moving, bounce around cars and splatter lots of OD to rack up the highest score.

Once you get to this level, you’ll want to equip plenty of deployable defenses. Items like the Pulse Mine, Proximity Mine, Turret Copter and Acid Sprinkler will work best. As for your own munitions, grab the Dirty Harry for precision shots and the TNTeddy or the Hairspray Bomb for crowd control. Players should level up all of these weapons to the maximum and add amps wherever possible. As for overdrives, you’ll want improved damage and ammo capacity for single shot weapons and deployables. It also might help to grab OD perks like OD Killer or OD Rival, or Sacrifice powers that boost the weapons you’re using exclusively.

You’ll want to hit the level’s objectives once you start each round. Melee and grind kills should be pretty straightforward with whatever arsenal you bring in. Getting bounce and undergrind kills will mean relying on your deployables, which you can position at an area’s entrance for maximum destruction. There is also a Pyro Geyser objective, which can be accomplished with one that’s placed near the bridge at the end of the avenue. To get the high score, you’ll need to cycle through objectives quickly, so you may want to practice before your perfect run.

Sunset Overdrive PC Achievements – Crash Landing Guide

The Crash Landing achievement is another one that not many players grabbed over on Xbox One. While it’s not particularly difficult, it’s also not something you’re going to be doing over the course of a normal Sunset Overdrive playthrough. To get these points, you’ll need to destroy 25 Fizzco Blimps. Now, these propaganda machines don’t take a whole lot of damage, but there aren’t too many reasons you’ll be up flying on their level. There are actually two easy ways to rack up the destruction you need and check it off your Sunset Overdrive PC achievements list.

Firstly, you can take advantage of how Sunset Overdrive‘s fast travel system works. Once you’ve unlocked the Shipping Yard and Oxford Base, warp to one of these locations from anywhere on the map. Just above you, a blimp should be flying and spreading the message. Sock it full of lead and watch it crumble, then fast travel back to the opposite location. A blimp should respawn there, allowing you to do the same thing. Then, warp back to the first location, kill the blimp there, rinse and repeat.

If you’d rather do something a little more unique, you can do a similar trick in one of the game’s glider challenges. These have you flying around aerial mines in a makeshift chopper. If you load up the first challenge and turn to the left just as you start, you’ll see one of the target blimps. Take it out with your repeating cannons and then go into the menus to restart the mission. You’ll need to do this 25 times to get the achievement, but at least it’s relatively straightforward.

Sunset Overdrive PC Achievements – Flung to Safety Guide

To grab Flung to Safety, you’ll need to take out 100 enemies using Springboards to fling them into danger. Now, your first thought might be to set these traps pointing towards a cliffside. You’ll get to see OD plummet to their death while you sip a drink nearby. While this sounds like fun, it’s not the most efficient way to get the points and move on. What you’ll want to do instead is load up an early Night Defense mission and pack a bunch of deployable traps in addition to your springboard.

In earlier Night Defense missions, you only have a pair of gates to defend. That means that you know exactly where your enemies are coming from, and you’ll have less setup. Just pop a Pyro Geyser or a Hack ‘N Slay near those gates and then put Springboards pointing towards them. When placing these traps, you’ll see a white line emit, showing you where enemies will head after being flung. Just make sure you’re pointing foes into the line of danger.

After starting up the mission, you’ll just need to keep pushing enemies towards the Springboards. If you’ve done things correctly, it should be an autonomous machine that racks up the kills. Of course, 100 enemies slain is a lot, so you may need to finish multiple missions before you can get the achievement. Just pop on some punk rock and get the job done.

These are just a few of the tougher challenges you’ll face in completing the Sunset Overdrive PC achievements list. Thanks to TrueAchievements for spotting the full list on the Xbox Store. Whenever the game is officially announced, be prepared to protect Sunset City all over again.