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Far Cry New Dawn Titanium | How to get more Titanium

Far Cry New Dawn makes you track down a ton of different materials. But the Far Cry New Dawn titanium might be harder to find than actual titanium. It is used in a ton of different ways but the trouble can be actually getting it. Knowing how to get the Far Cry New Dawn titanium may not be easy but it isn’t impossible.

Far Cry New Dawn Titanium | How to get it

Far Cry New Dawn titanium is found in many different places.

Titanium is stored in often locked safes. These are scattered across the map and are mainly found in treasure map areas, enemy strongholds, and Expeditions. You’ll need the lockpicking skill or the car repair skill the rip those locked boxes open. It’s advised to grab either skill pretty early on.

You can also grab titanium in Expeditions. Just completing them will net you some titanium. Beating them on higher difficulties will also get you a bit more titanium. These are easily grindable once you get better guns and more skills. Playing in co-op also makes these easier.

Far Cry new dawn titanium

The rare resource can be hidden in cargo vans too. These are the small missions that show up randomly throughout the open world where one of the Highwaymen are driving materials from one place to another. To get the goods, run in front of the car and shoot the driver. They should fall out and you can go to the back and interact with the switch to open up the truck. From here, you might get some titanium or you might not. It won’t be much but it adds up.

If you’re into microtransactions, you can also spend Far Cry Credits to buy titanium. These come in bundles with some of the other materials that you can buy. Far Cry Credits are also lying around the map as well so you may be able to scrounge up enough for to buy some. They’re also usually in the treasure map areas at the end.

Far Cry New Dawn Titanium | What it is used for

Far Cry new dawn titanium

Titanium has plenty of different uses in the game.

It is used for crafting weapons. This is likely why you’ll need it in the early parts of the game because it’s scarce and essential for those first few hours. It isn’t as essential in those last few weapon upgrade paths but it is still useful.

You can also upgrade your weapons with titanium. Once at the workbench, you can go to the weapons you already have and you’ll see the “upgrade” button where the “craft” button usually is. You can do this as much as you want but the benefits are so small that you are better off doing this after you’ve most of everything you want.