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Anthem Kassian KS Game | What are the right answers?

In your travels around Anthem‘s Fort Tarsis, among the many NPCs you may encounter a man named Kassian. Located in the Fort Tarsis bar, Kassian offers to engage in a game of “K.S.”, or Korox Shit; the colloquial name for the age-old game of True or False. The Anthem Kassian KS game is only a brief encounter, but seems to have a wider significance in Kassian’s own quest. Of course, you have to decide if he’s telling the truth. Read on to find out what are the right answers?

Anthem Kassian KS Game | What are the right answers?

Anthem Kassian KS Game

When you enter the Fort Tarsis bar in Anthem, Kassian Tristiano can be found to the left of the bar, indicated on the map above. When you speak to him, he will remark on your fame (or infamy) as a Freelancer, indicating that he’s probably not around from the local area. If you choose to engage in his game, he will pose you the statement, “So! I once rode a megladore for 20 seconds.” The correct answer is False; there’s no such thing as a megladore, apparently. Whatever you chose to answer, he then offers you a turn to pose a statement.

You can choose to either offer a truthful story, or offer a lie; it seems that whichever option you choose, he will answer wrong, leading on to Kassian’s turn again. He states, “I’ve come north to find my only brother, Orion. Haven’t heard from him in weeks.” This statement is True; he will congratulate you for your insight, before asking if you’ve seen a “young man from Fortuo”. Your Freelancer will direct him to engage with the bartender, allowing Kassian to continue his search for his brother. You will get one final choice, as he asks, “But safe doesn’t always get you what you want, right?”. He responds well to the response “True enough,” and when you next see him after some time passes, he will ask for further guidance in regards to his brother.