WoW Classic character name reservation guide

With the August 26 release date quickly approaching, having World of Warcraft Classic name reservation is something that many players are understandably excited about. You can start thinking about your preferred WoW Classic name because the reservations open in less than a week. Here is how to reserve your name in WoW Classic.

World of Warcraft Classic Name Reservation | How to reserve your name

World of Warcraft Classic name reservation guide

Blizzard has announced that name reservation for WoW classic opens on August 12 at 22:00 GMT. To reserve your name, you need to have an active subscription or game time on your World of Warcraft account. If you got this covered, then you are on your way to creating up to three characters per WoW account so you can have them ready when the game opens. Blizzard has not stated exactly how you’ll reserve your name and if it will be in the game or on a website, but it will likely be the former.

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Reserving your name in advance is highly recommended, because a huge influx of players is expected when WoW Classic launches. It’s not just a matter of protecting yourself from long queues and server crashes, it’s also about reserving your favorite WoW Classic aliases before other players get to them – just don’t get your hopes up about grabbing the Leeroy Jenkins name though. Blizzard also stated that character creation will be limited to one faction per realm on PvP realms.

Blizzard will share further details concerning realm names and realm types later this week. This is crucial for players to coordinate efforts with their friends, knowing where they should go to begin their classic adventure. After the release of World of Warcraft Classic, the PvP limit will remain the same, but you will be able to create a maximum of 10 characters per WoW Classic realm, up to 50 characters across all realms in your regions.

Will the number of WoW Classic characters affect the number of characters that you have on Battle for Azeroth? No, these characters don’t overlap, so you are free to have 50 characters in each game if you so wish.