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Gears POP Season 1 Rewards | Why did I get the wrong tier reward?

With the arrival of October came the arrival of Season 2 in Mediatonic, The Coalition, and Xbox Game Studios’ mobile game collaboration with Funko POP. This also means that players opened up the app on their iOS and Android devices in anticipation of receiving the Gears POP Season 1 Reward relevant to the League they placed in, but that hasn’t necessarily been the case. So if you’re wondering why you got the wrong Season 1 reward in Gears POP, here’s an explanation for this issue:

Gears POP | Why did I get the wrong Season 1 reward?

Gears POP Season 1 Rewards

Winning competitive PvP matches in Gears POP earns players Tags, while subsequently losing will subtract tags from the total. As such, acquiring enough to reach League play and then progress through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Leagues has become a badge of honor for the strategy game’s devoted player base.

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With this in mind, disappointment has surely ensued as players found that their rewards for the first season were not always proportional to their final placement. For example, I personally finished Season 1 as a Gold League (2,400+ Tags) player but received the reward for finishing in Silver, as you can see from the image above.

Why might this have happened? Our best speculative guess is the changed requirements for ranking in Season 2 of Gears POP, as all Leagues have been bumped up by a 400 Tag requirement likely to account for the greater skill level and loadout potential that players have accrued since launch. Under these new rules, 2,412 Tags would indeed have placed me in Silver and so it seems likely that the change has caused Season 1 rewards to malfunction.

Developer Mediatonic has traditionally been good about rewarding players that have suffered any wrongdoings at the hands of the game, most often by popping generous rewards into affected players’ in-game inboxes, so hopefully, they’ll continue that trend here. In the meantime, those affected can always report the issue via the official Gears POP support website.