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How to get Charmander in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield have been the subject of controversy for not including all of the game’s previous pocket monsters. Still, there are plenty of fan-favorites to be found, including Charmander as well as its various evolutions. However, tracking Charmander down might be one of the most demanding tasks in the game, requiring time and dedication from players determined to fill out their Pokedex. How do you get Charmander in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Read on to find out.

Pokemon Sword and Shield | How to get Charmander

how to get Charmander Pokemon Sword and Shield

While it’s totally possible to encounter Charmander as a Max Raid Battle target, there is only one proven method for getting a Charmander of your own: Beating the game. Given that Charmander is received as part of an end-game reward, consider this your spoiler warning: Further information on how to unlock this Pokemon will discuss end-game topics. Reader discretion is advised.

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To get Charmander, players will need to fight their way through the Pokemon League and take down Leon. He’s the Champion of the League, and is a much higher level than other bracket contenders. Coincidentally, he’ll make use of a Charizard, and isn’t at all afraid of going Gigantamax. Bring your best water-type fighter and prepare for a lengthy battle.

Once Leon has been defeated, the game will spit the player back out in their home. From there, make way to Leon’s house. If you walk into his bedroom you’ll find a single Poke Ball sitting in the middle of the rug. Inside that Poke Ball is a Charmander, and it’s yours to keep.

It won’t be a shiny Charmander—there’s no way it could be, in fact, so there’s no need to try to reload the save in the effort of getting a shiny. However, it can be fully evolved, and with due diligence, players can eventually Gigantamax their own Charizard, same as Leon.