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Fortnite Hydro 16 Location | Swimming Time Trials

The Fortnite map is always changing, and as a result, sometimes players don’t know where to find specific landmarks. The Swimming Time Trials challenge requires players to track down the Hydro 16 location, but not everyone knows where to find the dam thing. To make matters more complicated, the challenge itself starts at an unnamed location east of Hydro 16. Where is Hydro 16, and where does the Swimming Time Trials challenge kick off? Read on to find out.

Fortnite Hydro 16 Location| Map and Challenge Start Point

fortnite hydro 16 location map start point

The Fortnite Hydro 16 location can be found due east of Slurpy Swamp. It’s on the west end of the reservoir sitting directly north of Misty Meadows, itself toward the southern end of the island. However, this isn’t the location where the challenge actually kicks off—hence why the challenge specifies “East of Hydro 16.”

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The starting location of the Hydro 16 Swimming Time Trials challenge is instead found north and slightly west of Misty Meadows, just off the southern shore of the reservoir. It can be found floating above the water’s surface just outside the town, a short distance away from a small pier. The map above shows the Hydro 16 location in a red circle, whereas the red arrow points to the start of the trial.

Once arrived at the start point, players shouldn’t have too much trouble completing the challenge. Activate the trial, then start swimming toward the floating blue stopwatches. They’ll lead you due west back toward and eventually through the dam. Swim through all eight timers as quickly as possible and the challenge will be complete.

The Hydro 16 dam has been used for other challenges in the past, and if the new water-themed festivities in Fortnite continue, it’s a location worth remembering for future reference.