Tfue says that Fortnite Chapter 2 ‘feels like the worst ever’

Tfue doesn’t seem to share Ninja’s opinion on Fortnite Chapter 2. While the Mixer star says that he is “in love with this new Fortnite,” the current top Fortnite Twitch streamer shared a much bleaker view on the recent update to the acclaimed battle royale game. However, Tfue painted a less than thrilling picture of the new chapter.

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In one of his latest streams, Tfue revealed that he wasn’t on board with all the praise surrounding Fortnite Chapter 2. One of his main complaints is about lag, and he attributes a few of his deaths to it. “Fix your game, holy ****,” he said after a match where he finished 22nd.

“It feels literally like the worst ever,” Tfue said. “That’s my biggest issue with Chapter 2, I already had to deal with playing on 30 to 50 ping, now it feels like I’m playing on a hundred.” Tfue stated that he never felt at more of a disadvantage in his life due to the connection, saying that he “can’t even play some of the competitive types anymore because ping is too high.”

Tfue Fortnite Chapter 2

The Twitch star isn’t alone in his criticism toward Fortnite Chapter 2. On launch day, there were several reports of lag issues and exploits, including one game-breaking bug where a player could get unlimited health by building a wall and continually running into it. Obviously, exploiting this kind of bug is a major step in the direction of a ban, so you’d better avoid doing it.

While Tfue and Ninja currently sporting very different opinions on Fortnite Chapter 2, they are surely going to keep playing the popular battle royale. Every new game or update launch is bound to bring a few glaring issues with it, but it should be a matter of time before Epic Games irons these kinks out.

[Image Credit: Tfue/Instagram]