Ninja says he is in love with Fortnite Chapter 2

[Image Credit: Ninja / Twitter]

With today’s release of Fortnite Chapter 2, celebrity streamers such as Ninja would have the weightiest of opinions on it. Simply put, he said that he loves this big update.

Fortnite Chapter 2 comes with a brand-new map and several new features such as swimming and fishing, but there is a lot more that is currently under heavy scrutiny, with millions of players battling for the top spot. Ninja is one of them, but his first impressions verge on the side of extremely positive.

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Ninja has spent the day streaming Fortnite Chapter 2 and enjoying his time on the new island, but he took a minute to go on his Twitter account and declare his love for this update. He went straight to the point, simply saying: “I am in love with this new Fortnite.” This may not be entirely surprising because he makes a living off of it, but he isn’t a stranger when it comes to stating his opinions about the game. Recently, Ninja publicly criticized Epic Games for its insistence in releasing recycled skins instead of original and creative skins.

While one could say that Ninja has an interest in keeping Fortnite running strong for many years to come, it’s not just him that is praising the game. The official Fortnite Twitter is flooded with players tipping their hats to Epic Games, saying that this is the “best update yet”, and that it came back “better than ever.”

Ninja Fortnite Chapter 2 skins

This seems to be Fortnite but better, a refreshing return to form after a first chapter that was growing tiresome for some players. In a few days we may finally start seeing some constructive criticism, but right now there’s this surprise factor that is taking the community by storm.

[Image Credit: Ninja/Twitter]