Amouranth driving while reading Twitch chat is her latest controversy

[Image Credit: Amouranth / Instagram]

Amouranth seems to be in the middle of another Twitch incident. The Amouranth driving and reading controversy is now the latest heated topic about the popular Just Chatting streamer. This behavior was the subject of countless remarks and criticism from viewers who deemed it reckless.

According to users on Reddit, Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa deleted the original video, but as you all know, nothing on the internet ever goes away, and a clip of the driving and reading incident quickly appeared online.

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While driving during nighttime, Amouranth kept looking to the side, as the phone was apparently between the seats. While singing along with a song, Amouranth was seen intermittently staring down. The clip runs for a minute, but the actual drive could have taken a lot longer.

This kind of driving falls into the Self-Destructive Behavior category of Twitch’s Community Guidelines, mainly the part about “dangerous or distracted driving.” Many viewers were quick to mention that “Twitch favors certain streamers over others,” while one user jokingly remarked that Amouranth may indeed “get banned for a couple hours, [you] never know.”

Amouranth already reacted to the incident on Twitter, saying that she has two phones: “One phone doesn’t have chat, one houses stream. I only look at GPS phone,” Amouranth said. “When I look across the car I’m looking at side view mirrors. The phone with “chat” is covered up while driving.

Amouranth’s rise to fame happened after the well-known wardrobe malfunction incident, where she accidentally revealed some of her private parts during a livestream. She ended up being banned from Twitch, but three days later the ban was lifted and Amouranth returned to streaming. The free publicity from this occurrence garnered her thousands of fans and quickly propelled her into the top Twitch spots, becoming the second most-followed female Twitch streamer after Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys.

If the repercussions from this latest controversy come anywhere near the figures of the previous wardrobe incident, it’s very likely that many other users are going to learn about Amouranth. Her current follower count is sitting at a little over 1.5 million, so those numbers may see another boost in the next few days.

Other much-discussed driving controversy featured UFC fighter Kevin Lee, who decided to livestream a video of him playing Smash while his Tesla was in Autopilot mode.

[Image Credit: Amouranth / Instagram]