Twitch streamer Amouranth hits 1.5 million followers after accidental nudity ban

Nothing seems to stop Twitch streamer Amouranth as she climbs to the top of the ranks. Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa just beat the 1.5 million followers milestone today, Thursday, October 3.

Amouranth is a popular but controversial figure known for her Just Dance streams, but she also dabbles in ASMR as well. Her sudden increase in followers places her as the second most-followed female Twitch streamer, sitting in 48th place at the time of writing. There is only one female streamer in front of Amouranth, and her name is Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, with an impressive 3.4 million followers, and currently number 12 on the most-followed list.

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Amouranth’s remarkable follower spike was driven by the accidental nudity debacle, where she exposed herself to the camera while rolling on the floor and petting her dog. She was subsequently banned from Twitch, but the ban was short-lived, as it was lifted a mere three days after.

While other Twitch channels don’t seem to hugely benefit from the kind of attention that these short bans usually bring, Amouranth struck gold with her forced three-day vacation. Several outlets started covering her streams, and her channel popularity suddenly exploded, turning her into the fastest growing Twitch streamer for September 2019. As Dexerto reported, Amouranth earned over 300,000 new followers in September alone, a massive change in comparison to August, where she saw an increase of 35,000 followers.

Twitch streamer Amouranth is the kind of divisive figure that garners many fans, but also winds up on the receiving end of harsh critics. Recently, one viewer said that “she uses thirsty boys for money and never gives anything,” and other streamers claim that she is being favored by the platform when it comes to handing out bans for suggestive content.

One thing that must be said is that Amouranth knows how to make herself noticed, with her Instagram account actively contributing to the rise of her Twitch following.