Amouranth unbanned on Twitch following accidental nudity debacle

Somewhat controversial professional Twitch streamer Amouranth has now had her account unbanned by the Amazon-owned game streaming website. News broke earlier this week that Amouranth had been banned shortly after accidentally exposing herself to the camera during a livestream, and while there was never officially a link established, the timing made it seem likely that the two events were directly connected.

As we reported earlier this week, the duration of the ban was unknown, but we speculated then that it wouldn’t be permanent due to the accidental nature of the wardrobe malfunction in question. Perhaps nobody imagined that the ban would be lifted a mere three days later, however, likely to the chagrin of those Twitch viewers that disapprove of her content.

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Even before the recent instance of accidental nudity, many on the platform believed that Kaitlyn “Amouranth ” Siragusa knowingly operated just within the official Twitch Terms of Service on sexual content. Her revealing cosplays and history of masquerading as single, when she’s actually married, rubbed many the wrong way on a platform that’s primarily focused on video game content.

Siragusa’s wardrobe malfunction occurred while she lay on the floor playing with her pet dog during a livestream, specifically when she sat up and in the process snagged her clothing and exposed herself. While there’s little doubt that this was an honest accident, some have criticized Amouranth for the opportunity presenting itself in the first place, claiming that the camera angle, her outfit, and her mannerisms were suggestive even before things mistakenly went too far.

That’s down to individual opinion, of course, though one thing’s for sure: Amouranth has her account back and presumably business as usual will resume shortly. Her fans will no doubt be glad to hear this, though let’s just hope that no more cases of accidental nudity crop up again.