Death Stranding makes you drink Monster Energy in-game

Death Stranding received a 49-minute gameplay demo at Tokyo Game Show 2019, and of all the things we learned about Hideo Kojima’s upcoming deliveryman simulator, its partnership with Monster Energy is arguably the weirdest.

In the demo, Norman Reedus’ character Sam Porter Bridges is forced to swim against a strong current. After emerging from the water, his energy is depleted, and in order to regain it, he takes a big swig of Monster Energy. The energy drink is stored in a canteen, so you won’t get to see that familiar Monster can, but rest assured that you’ll receive a ‘Monster Energy drink consumed’ notification after taking a sip:

death stranding monster energy 2

It’s unclear if Monster Energy will factor into the game in any other capacity, or if it will just be used to give Norman a boost when he’s feeling a little bit tired.

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If this product placement wasn’t enough, it seems that Monster Energy will also promote itself alongside the launch of Death Stranding. The official Monster Energy Japan account tweeted: “In-game collaboration with “DEATH STRANDING” is decided. Monster energy appears in the game as a stamina recovery item!”

Death Stranding will also feature more product placement in the form of a collaboration with eyewear brand J.F. Rey. The glasses that are worn by the main characters in the game were each designed by the French eyewear maker, with real versions of some of these glasses also being available to purchase:

The 49-minute Death Stranding gameplay demo is viewable below. There is set to be another gameplay demo on Saturday, as Kojima has split the demos up into Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 because of course he has.

The demo features Norman Reedus laying down a ladder, “liking” items left by other players, taking part in some familiar Kojima stealth sections, and fighting a giant shadow dog… thing: