Amouranth shuts critics down with relentless ‘you’re angsty’ comeback

[Image Credit: Amouranth / Twitch]

Well-known and controversial Twitch streamer Amouranth isn’t one to sit back and ignore any kind of insult, judging by her latest livestream. One user had some strong words to say about the way that she allegedly takes advantage of her viewers to get money, something that triggered quite a heated reaction. The streamer didn’t hold back on her response, using some harsh words, while shaking her head and saying “idiots.”

According to Dexerto, Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa was talking about her post-streaming plans which involved opening a rescue ranch for animals. Many viewers reacted favorably to the idea, but at least one of them decided to make the following comment: “she uses thirsty boys for money and never gives anything.”

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Amouranth replied without hesitation, saying “You don’t even know me. Before I started streaming, I had a charity organization already, going to hospital visits as princesses and visiting kids who have cancer.”

She continued by revealing her main reason to be streaming: “The entire reason why I’m streaming right now is to open up a rescue ranch to give much more later on when it actually matters, ok? So you can just stop assuming and projecting because no one touches your peepee and you’re mad about it.” In the following part of the comeback, the streamer even uses some harsh words.

But Amouranth wasn’t done yet, making a final comment about the user that made the original remark: “There’s no other reason to be mad at a girl for sitting, eating rice and talking about animals other than the fact that no one touches your peepee and you’re angsty. That’s like it, that’s just the truth.”

Amouranth was recently unbanned from Twitch following an accidental slip with her wardrobe. The ban lasted for three days and didn’t seem to have any harmful effect on her account. In fact, her channel even benefited from the whole ordeal, enjoying huge subscriber and daily views boosts.

[Image Credit: Amouranth / Twitch]