Destiny 2 name censoring gets players raging, is Bungie or Steam to blame?

If you happen to stumble across a Guardian named *****Blood, you should know that there is an odd Destiny 2 name censoring conundrum going on right now. The switch from to Steam resulted in more than a few names getting censored, with Destiny 2 players aptly complaining about it on the official forums.

The result of the newfound censorship is that several player names are turning into indecipherable blurbs, despite most examples showing that no profanity is involved.

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KinkyBlood is the name of one of the affected players, as Segment Next spotted. The filter decided to act, and the Destiny 2 Guardian is now known as *****Blood, a slightly less heroic name for sure. Another player known as Kaladin discovered that the name was censored to Ka*****, and while proceeding to Google what a Ladin actually is, he discovered that it is “an old Latin language. I have no idea why this would be censored.” A couple more examples involve Gizmologic, who saw his name turning into ****ologic, while Butters suddenly lost a few letters and became ****ers.

Bungie did react to these reports but in a very brief and inconclusive way. “Hi there. You may want to contact Steam Support about your issue,” Bungie said. Many players followed the recommendation, only to be greeted with a surprising twist coming from Steam support.

“I read that the publisher’s support told you to contact Steam for this problem, but your name is censored into the game account and not on Steam,” Steam support said. “Because we do not have access to their server, you will need to contact again the game support and work with them to remove this restriction on your name,” it concluded.

So, who is to blame in this strange case of Destiny 2 name censoring? Something is clearly amiss here, but both parties should sort this out and solve it as soon as possible, for the greater good of all the Guardians.