Bungie sunsets sunsetting in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 infusion caps were introduced alongside Beyond Light’s release and have proven immensely unpopular with players. Fortunately, Bungie has listened to its audience, and soon weapons and armor will no longer be subject to sunsetting. This means any gear from here forth will be upgradable to max Power permanently.

When will infusion caps be removed from Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Infusion Cap Sunsetting

According to an official blog post, Bungie will remove sunsetting from Destiny 2 starting with Season 14. Any weapons and armor that haven’t reached the infusion cap as of the beginning of Season 13 will be permanently upgradable. Unfortunately, this means a lot of items will still be affected by infusion caps. However, if they’re re-released in a future update, fans can hold on to them with the knowledge they’ll always be able to be upgraded to max Power.

Sunsetting has been immensely unpopular with Destiny 2 players since Bungie introduced the concept. The idea behind it was that gear would only be able to be upgraded to max Power for a year, at which point it would reach the infusion cap. This makes an item worthless since the player’s Power Level is derived from what items they have equipped. Given that certain activities require players to be the max possible Power Level, a player would be forced to discard the capped gear.

Destiny 2 is primarily a loot grind, and it loses a ton of its appeal when you know that perfect gun or piece of armor will be worthless in a year. Obtaining the best gear in Destiny 2 is sometimes a grueling and time-consuming task, and sunsetting made shooting for a particular weapon or armor untenable.

With the removal of infusion caps, players can once again grind for their dream setup without worrying about wasting their time. Just removing this one unpopular system addresses a huge amount of complaints players have and makes the prospect of grinding for drops fun again.