UFC Fighter Kevin Lee puts Tesla in autopilot, plays Smash Bros

UFC Fighter Kevin Lee is a popular name among the Mixed Martial Arts community for his performance in the arena, but he is now under the spotlight for very different reasons. While driving to Montréal, Lee found himself on a highway and decided to put his Tesla in Autopilot mode. He then proceeded to snap his Nintendo Switch to the windshield and play some Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Kevin Lee said during the video (via Kotaku) that he had to “share this with somebody,” and he surely did, but not to the most positive reactions. It wasn’t hard to guess, considering that even Lee’s mom wasn’t too keen on the whole idea after she saw the video. As Lee wrote on his Instagram post, “My momma cussed me out when I sent her this video otw to Montréal but if my insurance go up I know it’s because instagram snitching.”

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His comments area is flooded with users calling him out for reckless driving, with some fellow Tesla owners saying that he should “use Autopilot responsibly,” adding that “stuff like this doesn’t give [Tesla] owners a good image.”


The Autopilot system in Tesla models is meant to reduce your workload while driving, but it is never meant to replace human supervision, or to free the driver to perform other activities… such as playing Smash Bros. It requires constant supervision from the driver, with “their hands on the wheel”, always “prepared to take over.” The Tesla official site says that “it is not a self-driving system,” although the company already has a custom chip to tackle this goal. Elon Musk says that from now on “all you need to do is improve the software.”

We’re probably a few years away from true autonomous driving, and there’s some confusion over what Musk refers to as “self-driving” as well. So, just to be safe, don’t play video games and drive.