Halo Reach Slow Download Speed | Is there a fix?

Everyone and their mother is hyped about Halo Reach releasing for the Master Chief Collection. However, many players are finding that their download of the game is going agonizingly slow. Why is the Halo Reach download speed so slow, and is there anything you can do about it? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

Halo Reach | Slow Download Speed Fix

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Halo Reach was released for the Master Chief Collection just earlier today. As such, loads of players are currently trying to download the game only to find that their download speeds are well below what they’re used to. It probably goes without saying, but these slow Halo Reach download speeds are almost certainly the result of high network traffic.

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It’s pretty simple to understand: So many players are trying to download Halo Reach that Microsoft’s servers are having trouble delivering that data to them in a timely manner. As a result, nearly everyone downloading Halo Reach through the Microsoft Store is seeing their download throttled, with some downloads going so slow that users may as well be using dial-up internet.

Is there a fix for slow Halo Reach download speeds? Yes and no. While it’s unlikely that speeds will increase in these first few hours after the game’s release, users should find that things will speed up once more users are done installing the game to their systems. However, at least one writer here at GameRevolution has reported that their Steam download of the game seems to be moving along rapidly. Considering that Steam is the biggest digital gaming marketplace on the planet, it’s probably safe to say that its servers are better-equipped to serve a large amount of users.

Slow Halo Reach download speeds may be annoying, but they shouldn’t stick around for too long. After a few hours or days after release, players should have no problem downloading the game at normal speeds. For now, having to wait just a little bit longer is the price needed to be paid to jump into the new version of Halo Reach before everyone else.