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Fortnite Workshop Location | Where to Search Ammo Boxes

The Fortnite Workshop location is one of three major points of interest for players trying to search Ammo Boxes. This final Winterfest challenge is fairly light on action and heavy on exploring, meaning the true challenge is in finding the new map locations. Fortunately, the Workshop is easy to find for fans already familiar with the rest of the island. Keep reading to learn where to find the Workshop in Fortnite.

Fortnite Winterfest | Where to find the Workshop

The Workshop location in Fortnite is easy to find for players familiar with the latest island. The area is better known as the Logjam Woodworks, or at least it was prior to the Winterfest challenges. It can be found almost due west of the Weeping Woods, not far from the island’s western shore. Check out its location highlighted on the map below.

Fortnite Workshop location map search ammo boxes

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Of the three locations needed to search Ammo Boxes in Fortnite, the Workshop is perhaps the biggest. As such, it’s also likely one of the places where players would have the highest chances of finding an Ammo Box. However, it’s a big complex complete with loot, so it’s probably best to keep your guard up for other players prowling through the area.

Since Ammo Boxes spawn in random locations, if there aren’t any to be found within The Workshop, players will need to seek out either Shiver Inn or the Ice Throne. Fortunately, these locations are smaller and offer little in the way of extra loot, so they shouldn’t be too dangerous. To find them, check out our guides to the Ice Throne location as well as the Shiver Inn location.

If you do find an Ammo Box within The Workshop, it’s business as usual: Approach the box and press the action button to rummage through it and complete part of the challenge. Only two Ammo Boxes must be searched for the challenge to complete, so from here, either head due north to the Ice Throne, or due east past the lake to Shiver Inn. After searching a second Ammo Box, this final Fortnite Winterfest challenge will be complete.