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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 Roadmap

A new season means a fresh new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare content roadmap. The Modern Warfare Season 2 roadmap gives players an easy way to check out all the newest content arriving in the game’s latest season. Among these changes are new multiplayer maps, weapons, multiplayer modes, and even a new Operator. Interested yet? Have a look at all the new Modern Warfare Season 2 content with the roadmap featured below.

Season 2 Roadmap | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Now that Season 2 of Modern Warfare has arrived, players have a fresh new roadmap highlighting all the latest changes. This time around, the roadmap is split between two sections: Content available on day one and content that will be made available throughout the course of the season.

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First up are the new maps. Season 2 introduces two new multiplayer maps with Rust and Atlas Superstore. Ground War gets a new map in the form of Zhokov Boneyard, and there are new Gunfight maps, particularly including Bazaar. The others will be revealed along the way, but players can at least look forward to the new Khandor Hideout multiplayer map arriving later in the season.

That’s not all, though. Two new multiplayer modes — Gunfight Tournaments and CDL Playlist — are arriving as day-one additions. Later in the season, players will be treated to Infected Ground War and NVG Reinforce gameplay modes, in addition to other as-yet-revealed extras.

Modern Warfare season 2 roadmap content Operators

The new operator Ghost is also available starting on day one. As described by the developers, Simon “Ghost” Riley is a seasoned British Special Forces soldier as well as a memorable carryover from Modern Warfare 2. Ghost is apparently “an expert at clandestine tradecraft, sabotage, and infiltration,” making him the perfect addition to the game’s Operator lineup. Two more operators named Talon and Mace will also be landing later in the season.

Last but certainly not least, the Modern Warfare Season 2 roadmap outlines a few new weapons landing in the game. Among these are the Grau 5.56 and the Striker 45, both of which will be available on day one. There’s also a new rifle coming later in the season, but for now, not much is known about it aside from its “Classified” listing in the roadmap image featured above.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 kicks off on Tuesday, February 11, 2020. Be on the lookout for mid- and late-season additions as the festivities continue over the coming weeks.