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Witcher 3 | How to transfer PC save to Switch

A new patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Switch now allows for cross-save transfer with PC. As such, many players will want to know how to transfer Witcher 3 saves between the Nintendo Switch and PC. Assuming you have a Witcher 3 PC save from Steam or GOG, the process is very simple. Here’s how to transfer your Witcher 3 PC save to the Nintendo Switch and vice versa.

Witcher 3 Save Transfer | How to transfer The Witcher 3 saves between PC and Nintendo Switch

Witcher 3 transfer PC save Nintendo Switch cloud

Cross-save compatibility for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Nintendo Switch is based around Steam and GOG cloud saves. That means it’s both simple and seamless to transfer your Witcher 3 save between Nintendo Switch and PC. Unfortunately, it also means that Steam or GOG versions of the game will be required in order for save transfers to work.

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Here’s what you need to do to enable cross-save functionality and transfer Witcher 3 saves from PC to your Nintendo Switch:

  1. Grab your Switch and load up The Witcher 3
  2. From the game’s main menu, select the Cloud Saves option
  3. Choose either Steam or, depending on your PC version
  4. Use the on-screen prompts to log in to your Steam or GOG account
  5. After your account is linked, head back into the Cloud Save menu
  6. Choose Load Game to transfer and load your PC save on the Nintendo Switch

The Witcher 3 on Switch can also upload your Switch saves to Steam or GOG cloud servers. This is handy if you want to pick the game back up on PC after playing on-the-go. Here’s how to transfer your Witcher 3 save from Switch back to PC:

  1. Make sure you’ve completed the above steps to link a Steam or GOG account
  2. From the Witcher 3 main menu on Switch, choose the Cloud Saves option
  3. Select the Upload option to transfer your save to the cloud
  4. Your save file can now be loaded from your PC version of The Witcher 3

It’s worth keeping in mind that Nintendo Switch and PC saves of The Witcher 3 may not always be compatible. Problems may arise if you do (or don’t) own certain DLC packs, or especially if your PC version of the game is running a lot of mods. There may also be issues if the save file is renamed, so be sure to stick with the file name already applied to the save.

Witcher 3 Save Transfer | Can I transfer saves between PC and PS4 or Xbox One?

Witcher 3 transfer PC save PS4 Xbox One cloud

As things stand now, there is no official support for Witcher 3 save transfers between a PC and the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. It may be technically possible using mods and file converters, but it’s not something the developers have implemented in those versions of the game.

And yes, this rule also applies to save transfers between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — no such cross-save function exists. The cross-save functionality between The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch and PC is the first time the game has had any option to transfer saves between platforms. Of course, that’s not to say that PS4 and Xbox One cross-save support won’t land sometime in the future. Thankfully, the Witcher 3 save transfer function on Nintendo Switch at least lets players enjoy the game on their commute and return to playing on PC once they’re home.

With all of that said, it couldn’t be easier to transfer The Witcher 3 saves between PC and Nintendo Switch. Cloud saving features on both Steam and GOG make the whole process a breeze. Even better, the game’s latest Switch patch introduces all sorts of performance and graphics enhancements. To learn more about those, be sure to check out our guide to The Witcher 3 Switch update 3.6 patch notes.