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Modern Warfare Tracer Rounds | How to get Red and Blue Bullets

Jealous of other Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players always showing off their tracer rounds? Don’t be. Red and blue bullets in Modern Warfare are colorful bonuses offered alongside select weapons available to all players. However, red and blue tracer rounds in Modern Warfare aren’t available with all guns, and you’re going to have to spend some of your Call of Duty Points to get them.

Modern Warfare Tracer Rounds | What are tracer rounds?

Modern Warfare tracer rounds red bullets blue bullets

For the uninitiated, tracer rounds (or simply tracers) are bullets that leave a visible trace of their trajectories. To put it another way, they’re rounds that leave a glowing streak in the direction they are fired. In the case of Modern Warfare tracer rounds, these illuminated trajectories are either red or blue.

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Since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare doesn’t allow players to customize their ammunition (not yet, anyway), tracer rounds are only available with specific weapons that must be bought from the in-game shop.

Modern Warfare Tracer Rounds | How to get Blue and Red Bullets

Modern Warfare tracer rounds how to get red or blue bullets

If you want to fire red or blue bullets at your fellow Modern Warfare opponents, you’ll need to purchase a gun that includes tracer rounds. As luck would have it, these weapons are available within the in-game shop. Blue bullets are offered alongside the Cerulean variant of the Kilo 141 and the Blue Dwarf pistol, while red bullets are available with the Cerise variant of the FN Scar 17 as well as the Red Dwarf pistol.

Here’s the bad news: In order to get the weapons that fire red and blue bullets, you’ll have to purchase entire weapon bundles. The Cerise FN Scar 17 and Red Dwarf are offered within the Tracer Pack Red Bundle, which sells for 1600 Call of Duty Points. Again, that’s for red tracer rounds. If you want blue tracer rounds, you’ll need to pick up the Cerulean Kilo 141 and the Blue Dwarf, which are packed into the Nikto Operator Bundle selling for 2400 Call of Duty Points.

Naturally, each of these Modern Warfare bundles include more than just weapons loaded with red or blue tracer rounds. With that said, red bullets are the main draw to the Tracer Pack Red Bundle. It’s in the name, after all. But if you prefer blue bullets, the Nikto Operator Bundle also includes the operator Nikto in addition to blue-bullet-firing weapons.