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Modern Warfare Colored Name | How to change name color

If you’re looking to get hold of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare colored name and Clan Tag, this is the guide for you. Read on to discover how to change name color in Modern Warfare. In this guide, we’ll let you in on how to change your name’s color in the latest CoD game, for a little bit of personalization. This neat little visual thing, however, does come at a cost, which we’ll tell you about below.

How do you Change the Color of Your Name in Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare colored name

Since the Modern Warfare Season 2 update went live earlier in February, you have been able to change your name color in the game. While you are meant to be able to change your name and Clan Tag color to Gold, as we detailed in our guide, a bug in the game lets you employ up to ten other colors for your name, too. Whatever color you apply to your name and Clan Tag, other players will see above you when playing online.

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Changing your name’s color will require you to join or create a Regiment, so that’s where you should start. Thanks to PrimitiveAK on YouTube, we know that you will need to use a mouse and keyboard to freely change your name color in Modern Warfare on consoles. Once you have that setup, follow these steps to change your name color:

  • Head to the Regiments tab on the Social menu
  • Create a new Regiment
    • Under Switch Regiment at the bottom of the screen
  • Create your Regiment (enter a name for it)
  • Input one of ten color codes into Regiment Tag
  • Hit Create Regiment

There are ten color codes that you can input to change your name color, these are as follows:

  • ^1 (Red)
  • ^2 (Green)
  • ^3 (Yellow)
  • ^4 (Blue)
  • ^5 (Light Purple)
  • ^6 (Purple)
  • ^7 (White)
  • ^8 (Light Green)
  • ^9 (Grey)
  • ^0 (Black)

If you have put in a color code, you will only get three letters for your Clan Tag. If your Clan Tag shows some color spillover on the “]” symbol, you can fix that so it shows up properly, too. Head into the “Identity” option within the Barracks tab. In there, switch to the Clan Tag that you want everyone to see. This should fix the slight visual bug for you. You can create a new Regiment, with the same name even, if you want to change color again, as far as we’re aware.

Once you have followed all of the steps above, your name and Clan Tag will appear in the color you chose for everyone to see. This, though, comes with a warning.

Is There a Modern Warfare Colored Name Bug Fix

Modern Warfare colored name

Be warned that the colored name in Modern Warfare is a bug. You are not meant to be able to change it to anything other than yellow/gold. Changing your name color to either blue, red, or black can have repercussions. As explained in u/nottatroll’s Reddit thread, the color name change can be seen as a game-breaking exploit.

Comments in the above thread explain how changing your name color in Modern Warfare can break the game. Changing your name color to black, for example, will make it so you are harder to see against most backdrops in the game. If you change your name color to red, you look as though you are on the enemy team, which is more than confusing for your teammates. Having a blue name and Clan Tag, however, might be the worst. This makes it so you look like you are on the friendly team, even if you’re not.

Thankfully, Infinity Ward is aware of the bug. The developer has placed the fix at the top of its Trello board. If you do want to change your Modern Warfare name color, it might be best to stick to colors such as green and yellow. You can stand out without ruining other players’ games.