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Doom Eternal Demon List | New and Returning

Doom Eternal is stuffed to the brim with demons, both new and returning. While players will certainly be stoked to start ripping into familiar series baddies, there are several new Doom Eternal demons ready to put up a fight. If you want to know what sort of hell-borne fiends you’ll be tearing apart in the upcoming release, check out the full list of Doom Eternal demons featured below.

Doom Eternal Demons | New Demons List

Doom Eternal demons list new returning Whiplash

It’s been a long buildup to the release of Doom Eternal, but the game’s launch is finally right around the corner. By now, we’ve had a chance to learn more about each of the new demons landing in Eternal. Suffice to say, they don’t exactly sound friendly.

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Here is the list of new demons making their debut in Doom Eternal:

  • Carcass – a mutated half-human cyborg with four mechanical legs
  • Doom Hunter – a skeletal flying demon with a chainsaw arm and twin machine guns
  • Dread Knight – a beefed-up Hell Knight with energy blades attached to its arms
  • Gargoyle – a winged demon with blades for hands
  • Marauder – a fearsome shotgun-wielding demon decked out in armor
  • Makyr Drones – servants of Khan Makyr with tough outer hides
  • Tentacles – nefarious appendages lurking across the ruined planet
  • Whiplash – a worm-like demon that strikes with a chain

To get a better feel for each of these new demons, check out the video from the folks over at NoClip featured above. In the video, director Hugo Martin walks viewers through some of the new demons in Eternal as well as a few familiar faces that will be reappearing from past games.

List of all Doom Eternal Demons

Doom Eternal demons list new returning

Of course, Doom Eternal features more than just the new demons listed above. Here’s a look at each and every enemy featured in Eternal, plus details about which Doom games they first appeared in.

  • Arachnotron – Doom 2
  • Arch-vile – Doom 2
  • Baron of Hell – Doom
  • Cacodemon – Doom
  • Carcass – Doom Eternal
  • Cherub – Doom 3
  • Cyber-Mancubus – Doom 2016
  • Cyberdemon – Doom
  • Demon (Pinky) – Doom
  • Doom Hunter – Doom Eternal
  • Dread Knight – Doom Eternal
  • Gargoyle – Doom Eternal
  • Hell Knight – Doom 2
  • Imp – Doom
  • Lost Soul – Doom
  • Mancubus – Doom 2
  • Marauder – Doom Eternal
  • Makyr Drones – Doom Eternal
  • Pain Elemental – Doom 2
  • Prowler – Doom 2016
  • Revenant – Doom 2
  • Tentacles – Doom Eternal
  • Titan – Doom 2016
  • Unwilling – Doom 2016
  • Whiplash – Doom Eternal
  • Zombie (Hellified Soldier) – Doom 3

If this list is anything to go by, Doom Eternal will be the most demon-filled release yet. Get ready to rip and tear when the game launches on March 20, 2020.