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Why is my gamertag different in Modern Warfare?

People tend to put a lot of thought into their gamertags. That’s why it’s odd to find that your gamertag is different in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. After all, shouldn’t your Xbox gamertag be the same no matter which game you’re playing? Well, it is, but Modern Warfare players have the option to use a different name while in-game if they so choose. Here’s how it all works.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | Why is my gamertag different in Modern Warfare?

why is my gamertag different in Modern Warfare

Your gamertag may be appear to be different within Call of Duty: Modern Warfare because the team at Activision allow players to customize their in-game names. Don’t worry, your gamertag is still the same — only your in-game username has been changed.

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So, how does your Modern Warfare name wind up being different than your Xbox gamertag? That part is simple: Activision accounts allow players to change their in-game names. The system is tied into the Activision ID, a custom name you use for your Activision account.

Unlike gamertags, Activision IDs can be duplicates of other usernames. As such, it’s possible that an entire Modern Warfare lobby could be filled with players using the same name. With that said, these users won’t have the same gamertags, as gamertags are unique, and the Xbox team does not allow for duplicates.

If you’ve found that your Modern Warfare name is different than your gamertag, it’s because of your Activision ID. Even if you didn’t mean to set it up that way, you appear in Modern Warfare using your Activision ID, not your Xbox gamertag. If this happened without you knowing, the option may have simply gone unnoticed when you set up your Activision account. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix: Check out our guide on how to change your name in Modern Warfare.