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What is aim response curve in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players want to get the most out of the experience. And while some players buy aftermarket accessories to help with their aim, others choose to use software settings. As luck would have it, there are three different aim response curve types in Modern Warfare. Each of them allows players to adjust how they move and aim. What does aim response curve mean, and which ARC setting should you choose? Keep reading below to find more details.

Aim Response Curve types in Modern Warfare

what is aim response curve in modern warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare includes three different settings for aim response curve, also known as ARC. In a nutshell, these ARC types adjust the interaction between your controller’s analog sticks and movement seen in-game. If moving or shooting feels “off” to you, it’s worth trying a different aim response curve setting.

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Which Modern Warfare ARC setting should you choose? That’s really up to how you play. Each of the three settings offer distinct advantages when compared to the others. Here’s a breakdown of each:

  • Standard – applies a basic power curve between stick movement and aim rate
  • Linear – provides direct one-to-one movement
  • Dynamic – applies a reverse S-curve for more precise aim rate control

Which ARC setting should you choose?

Most players will probably be happy with the Standard ARC setting. This gradually increases the movement rate input by the analog stick, providing increased sensitivity for finer movements and lowered sensitivity for more drastic movements.

The Linear ARC setting will be the option of choice for experienced players. It provides an exact correlation between analog stick and in-game movement, where the “aim stick maps directly to aim rate.” In other words, it makes all things equal across the board. This setting may feel jittery to newcomers, especially those migrating from other games.

Finally, the Dynamic ARC setting tends to blend the best of the other two types. More specifically, the reverse S-curve is designed around providing increased precision with aim control. However, it can be a little unusual to play with, since smaller movements of the analog stick will seem to have a greater effect.

By and large, most Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players should be happy with the Standard aim response curve. Experienced players or those with esports aspirations may get the best results out of Linear ARC, and the Dynamic setting is good for players who want to try something new. In other words, the best ARC setting is the one that feels best to you.