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How many players in a Call of Duty: Warzone match?

You may have heard that Call of Duty: Warzone matches get crazy, but how crazy are we talking? The latest battle royale game from Infinity Ward has gained tons of players, and loads of them can play simultaneously. How many people can play Warzone at once? And how big are the squads? Keep reading to find all the details featured below.

How many players can join a single Warzone match?

how many players in Warzone match at once

Online matches in Call of Duty: Warzone can accommodate up to 150 people at once. The game currently supports solo play as well as three-man squads, making for 50 three-player teams per match. It’s also possible that two- and four-player squads will arrive sometime in the future.

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It goes without saying that cramming 150 players into a single Warzone match sounds intense. Well, that’s kind of the point. With battle royales, bigger seems to be better, which is probably why the latest Call of Duty release has been faring so well. In fact, it garnered 30 million players total in a far less time than Fortnite could manage.

Since the game’s battlefield is so large, solo players are at a bit of a disadvantage. However, offering three-player squads seems like an odd choice, since it places more pressure on duos who refuse to add a third player into the mix. Thankfully, it seems the developers are interested in changing squad sizes: A Warzone datamine dumped to the Modern Warfare subreddit posits that Duos and Quads playlists will be coming in Season 3.

Believe the news: Up to 150 people can play Warzone at once. The game currently supports one- and three-player squads, meaning 50 teams of three people can take to the battlefield simultaneously. While you’ll always be able to solo queue, there’s currently no way to join Duos or four-player Quads. Hopefully the developers will add these options in time.