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What is the Rogue Legacy 2 release date?

Action-platformer fans have just been treated to the first details of Rogue Legacy 2. The sequel to Cellar Door Games’ hot Metroidvania-style roguelike was first teased on April 1, and much to fan delight, this announcement was no joke. Still, one big question remains: When does the game launch, and what platforms will it be made available for? What is the Rogue Legacy 2 release date?

Rogue Legacy 2 release date | When does it launch?

rogue legacy 2 release date platforms

The Rogue Legacy 2 release date has not yet been revealed. In fact, it wasn’t until April 1, 2020 that players even knew the game existed. The launch date for Rogue Legacy 2 could be quite far out, but that’s fine: At least we know the game is currently in development.

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It’s a bummer to say that we don’t yet know when the new release will become available, nor which platforms it will launch for. With that said, the developers at Cellar Door Games did promise that more information would be released in the coming days. If luck is on our side, we may learn more about the release window sometime in the next few weeks.

If you missed the first series entry, the original Rogue Legacy became something of a breakout hit. The game’s Metroidvania-style action blend nicely with a legacy system that resulted in unique hero traits. Of course, not all of these genetic traits were good: Aside from special powers or enhancements, players sometimes had to choose heroes with color blindness or dwarfism.

More than that, the game offered plenty of two-dimensional platforming action set across a randomly-generated castle. No two runs were ever alike, and the challenge rose considerably as players dove ever further into the castle depths.

There is no formal release date for Rogue Legacy 2, at least not yet. The game was only just revealed as being in development, and likely won’t launch for several months. Still, it may arrive sooner than we think. We’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as there’s any formal announcement from the developers.