Phantom Dust Is a 30-Hour JRPG

Microsoft Studios creative director Ken Lobb recently shed some light on the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Phantom Dust, confirming that the game is a Japanese role-playing title that will take over 30 hours to complete.

"It’s a JRPG,” Lobb told the inner Circle Podcast when asked what genre it fits in. Additionally, the game will feature a heavy strategy element, with Lobb likening it to a "very deep Power Stone." Phantom Dust will also feature collectable cards, which can be used to compete against other players in online battles.

Phantom Dust was revealed as an Xbox One exclusive last year during Microsoft's E3 press conference and will serve as a "re-imagning" of the under-appreciated cult classic that graced the original Xbox many, many years ago. 

Thanks, CraveOnline!