Microsoft Ships 6.6 Million Xbox Consoles in Q2

During the second quarter of its fiscal year, Microsoft is reporting that 6.6 million Xbox consoles have been shipped to retailers. That's both Xbox 360 and Xbox One console sales.

While that figure is nothing to scoff at, it's actually down from last year's 7.4 million units shipped during the same 3-month period. Additionally, the $50 price cut on Xbox One didn't do Microsoft any favors with regard to profitability, as its Device and Consumer division generated just $473 million in revenue during Q2, a marked 11 percent decrease year-over-year.

That said, Microsoft has been able to move quite a few Xbox One consoles into consumers' homes thanks to the $350 price tag. The Big M is clearly doing whatever it takes to gain traction on PlayStation 4, and so far it appears to be working.

[Via NeoGAF]