Study Reveals Why Gamers Prefer PS4 Over Xbox One and Wii U

PlayStation 4 is outpacing both Xbox One and Wii U by quite a fair margin. Curious as to why that truly is the case? Well, the folks over at Nielsen conducted a study to find out.

In the chart below, you'll see the top five reasons gamers opted to purchase one console over the other. Interestingly enough, the main reason for choosing PlayStation 4 was its ability to display games in a higher resolution than the competition.

Meanwhile, brand loyalty was the main factor in the purchasing decision of most Xbox One owners. Surprising no one, I'm sure, the top reasons for purchasing a Wii U were its "fun-factor" and appeal to children. 


Which current-gen consoles do you own? Be sure to let us know how you came to your decision in the comments below!

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