Microsoft Previews Xbox One’s April System Update [Update: Out Today]

[Update] The April system update for Xbox One comes out today. It includes most of the features detailed previously, such as better party chat functionality and new achievement notifications. Voice messaging and dedicated servers are still in the preview phase while Microsoft gets more feedback.

In the meantime, Xbox One owners can check out the above video to see some of the new features in action as Major Nelson details the system update.

[Original] Microsoft has an April system update planned for Xbox One, and Major Nelson joined Richard Irving from the Xbox engineering team to demonstrate some of the new features that will show up next month.

One of the more popular requests for the console has been the introduction of voice messages, and that becomes a reality in April. Xbox One owners will be able to send messages to other Xbox One owners and friends on the 360 as well.

The video also details a series of tweaks for next month's update, including improved party chat. Microsoft promises an easier-to-navigate system, and owners with strict NAT settings will be redirected to dedicated chat servers to help with connection issues.

Other changes include an expansion of the game hub system, a more personalized "What's On" section, and more detailed achievement notifications.

Preview testers are gaining access to the system update right now, and the larger Xbox One audience won't have to wait much longer with April right around the corner.