Gears of War Dev Posts Teaser Image of Mocap Set

Gears of War game is in development for Xbox One and Black Tusk Studios is responsible for its creation. As such, gamers have been closely following the studio for any shred of information on what's in store for the next entry in Microsoft's super popular third-person shooter franchise.

Now we have a small tease to salivate over.

In a post on Twitter by Black Tusk employee Jack Felling, we get a look at the motion capture set being used for the next Gears of War game. In the teaser photo, we see a massive gun being held by an actor covered in marker balls. Exciting stuff, I know.


We don't know when this new game will be out for Xbox One, but hopefully we'll have more than a couple of teaser images to go on once E3 2015 is said and done.