GameStop-Exclusive Ness amiibo Releases Tomorrow, Will Be Fought Over

It appears that Nintendo likes the idea of retailer exclusive amiibos, because it's at it again. This time, Nintendo has partnered with GameStop to deliver the world's first Ness amiibo.

The Ness amiibo was announced at the tail end of today's Nintendo Direct, and made its first appearance in a tweet by GameStop, which said:


Pre-order this exclusive #Ness #amiibo in-store and online starting tomorrow at 2pm CT!

Ness was the protagonist in EarthBound, a game that released in 1994. Although the game debuted more than 20 years ago, Ness remains a popular staple in Nintendo's line-up. He is one of the most commonly chosen characters in the Super Smash Bros. series, for example. 

Nintendo's retailer exclusive amiibo deals have frustrated many consumers. Low availability has resulted in them becoming a high-demand scalper item, with some rare amiibos fetching more than $150 after being sold out. This Ness amiibo is sure to be the next target of scalpers.