Bungie Details Upcoming Destiny DLC

Grinding for materials and upgrading equipment can be a real slog in Destiny, but Bungie hopes to fix the system with the upcoming House of Wolves DLC.

Bungie detailed the new process in a recent Twitch broadcast. House of Wolves allows players to fully upgrade all legendary and exotic weapons/armor, which includes old equipment. It requires Etheric Light, a new resource found in the DLC endgame Prison of Elders and the PvP Trials of Osiris.

Exotic gear, on the other hand, requires Exotic Shards and other common materials to upgrade. That means players no longer have to worry about the wandering vendor Xur to upgrade exotic armor.

House of Wolves also includes new legendary weapons that can be reforged at the gunsmith. The process allows players to randomize perks in an effort to find the perfect combination.

All of these changes slightly diminish the grind of Destiny and allow for more weapon/armor variety now that all equipment can reach the max level. Hopefully it makes up for the lack of a raid in the new content.

House of Wolves comes out on May 19 for all platforms.