Bloodborne’s v1.03 Patch Included These Undocumented Changes

The introduction of Bloodborne's v1.03 patch this week was a reason to be excited for many PS4 gamers. While its noticeable reduction in loading times was the highlight, there were undocumented changes that similarly have had an impact on the game experience.

Reddit user illusorywall has managed to put together a list of the undocumented changes in Bloodborne's v1.03 patch. They are as follows:



  • Loading screens now show items and their descriptions instead of the black screen w/ Bloodborne logo
  • The bug that prevented the player from using custom body types in the character creator has reportedly been fixed. 
  • Supposedly, the following skip/glitches don't work anymore: Forbidden woods skip, Shadows of Yarnham jump glitch, Father Gas stair visceral. 
  • The "floor" underneath the Oedon Chapel elevator has been removed so that it now correctly appears as a bottomless pit. 
  • The infinite blood echo glitch (kill dogs in forbidden woods, go back to iosefka's clinic) has also been reported to have been patched out.
  • Lost echoes relocating to the Lecture Hall has been fixed


  • Hunter's Bone now costs 5 bullets instead of 6. Can now be sustained from purely blood bullets.
  • Choir Bell now costs 8 bullets instead of 10.


  • Canon has reportedly been nerfed to consume 12 bullets instead of 10

The fixes are very particular, but address items that have impacted the game experience for some players. The big item in this list is the nerf to the Canon, though. Bloodtinge Canon builds have become popular in the past couple of weeks, and From Software doesn't appear to think that it was balanced. The increase in bullets consumed will now result in Canon abusers being ammo starved.

The v1.03 patch was most noteworthy for its 5 to 15 second reduction in loading times, an improvement that was long needed. While the loading times are still frustratingly long, the reduction has improved the quality of life of the game.