Taiko Drum Master Bangs Vita

Taiko no Tatsujin, better known as Taiko Drum Master abroad, will be getting a Vita version uncreatively called Taiko Drum Master: V Version. Of course, it'll have all the rhythmic timing-based musical gameplay series fans have come to love, but also feature the ability to be fanserviced by popular Bandai Namco characters in an RPGlike mode "Donda Quest."

It will feature songs from popular anime and video games such as Evangelion, Sword Art Online, The Legend of Heroes, Freedom Wars, Tales of Zestiria, Attack on Titan, Ace Combat, and many more. Additionally, several vocaloid songs will be in V Version, highlighted by appearances by the vocaloid queen herself, Hatsune Miku.

Screens of the game, featuring characters you'll team up with during Donda Quest, are right here:

Taiko Drum Master has seen iterations on practically every system in Japan, but very few internationally. It remains a very popular arcade game which looks and plays like this:

If you want to fly to Japan and try it out yourself, I promise to beat you at this game… by which I mean, find someone else who will beat you. Grandpa Heath's arms get tired.

The game comes out in Japan on July 9, with no international release dates yet announced. Import websites do, however, have pre-orders open.