36 Multiplayer Yakuza 0 Screenshots

Sega's PS3 and PS4 action RPG Yakuza 0 adds multiplayer minigames to an already outstanding single-player adventure. Apart from the disco dancing rhythm game, these are all playable with a single controller, which is nice. Playing as Kiryu and Majima, you and a friend can enjoy simple yet well-made rounds of darts, billiards, bowling, and disco dancing. Check out screenshots from my own PS4 in the gallery below:

The dancing game is particularly interesting because it rewards doing extra flashy stuff before your timing cues. In most other music games, you tap to the tune, in time, and that's what you do. In the above, you need to move your icon around the board to the proper space, then hit the button displayed right on cue, but it gives bonus points for taking extra steps. So you can go the safe route and take two steps, wait, and hit it; or you can live dangerously and try to squeeze in an extra step or two.

These millisecond-long moments of decision and weighing options, combined with attacking that plan and hoping you have the coordination to pull it off make for some really great dance battles.

Yakuza 0 has unfortunately not been announced for stateside or European release. With Yakuza 5 still several moths away from launch, an announcement is probably a long ways away, if it ever happens at all. It was, however, the first Yakuza game released in mainland Asia, where the reception has been quite good.

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