Microsoft Details Windows 10 Xbox App Updates

Those in the Windows 10 preview program can look forward to checking out some new additions to the system's Xbox app, which has received a number of updates that enhance one's gaming experience.

As detailed on the Major Nelson blog, the update adds the following features:

  • Avatars – The Avatar app can be downloaded and launched within the Xbox app.
  • Friends updates – It's now easier to add friends, share your name, and select favorites. The app also provides details on who's in a party, broadcasting, or playing multiplayer. 
  • Game hubs – Game hubs for each Xbox One game can be viewed within the app.
  • Game DVR – Cloud-based clips can be viewed and managed within the app, and keyboard shortcuts can be altered for opening the Game Bar, recording, taking screenshots, etc.
  • Turn On/Off your Xbox One Console – You can power your Xbox One on and off from your Windows 10 devices with this app, so long as you're on the same home network as the console.

​Are you in the Windows 10 preview program? If so, be sure to let us know what you think of these Xbox app additions in the comments below!