Xbox One’s Japanese Sales Punted Into Stratosphere, 350% Increase vs. 2 Weeks Ago!

And you assholes all laughed when the Xbox One launched in Japan. Well the joke's on you. Microsoft is the only side laughing now — laughing because they're bringing in enough yen to buy all the cocaine some place with a lot of cocaine.

The Xbox One got some exclusive software in the form of Psycho Pass, which debuted with 4,593 sales. That's almost 4,594 sales. This market powerhouse made the ghost of Reagan smile, as its riches trickled down to hardware sales. The Xbox One moved an unreal 522 units.

That's about a 60% increase over last week's performance of 308, and well over triple its hardware sales of 148 units just two weeks ago. I can't wait to read the awesome headlines all over the game sites about this!

WIU – 17,713

3DS – 17,636

PSV – 12,517

PS4 – 12,272

PS3 – 3,069

Xbox One – 522

Splatoon was the best-selling game, with 144,000 units sold. Wanna know how shitty traditional video games in Japan are selling right now? Second place was 41,000. Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which launched in 2012, still made the charts. Yeah. People just ain't buying new shit.

Except Xbox One. That shit is up 350% over these last two weeks. If these trends continue, look out, world.