Gran Turismo 6 Is Like 7 Bucks, or Free, With Conditions

Sometimes I forget that Gran Turismo is a Japanese game. I guess it's the lack of (insert your favorite stereotype because you're an asshole), hahaha am I right?

No. But anyway, is doing this thing with Gran Turismo 6 where they just give that shit away with any order of a physical game. I think it has to cost over 50 bones (or 405,745 kip). Or, if you just want the Turismo, they're straight up selling it for $7. And then when you either buy the $7 game or buy something and get your free GT6, you get entered in a drawing of some sort:

To get the full details on the rules and rolls, check out the promotion page here.

Nick wrote a review of this game when it launched in 2013.