Rayman Creator Michel Ancel Is Making a Level for Super Mario Maker

Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel is designing at least one of Super Mario Maker's 60 pre-made levels that will ship with the game at launch.

This news comes by way of Nintendo France, who confirms that Ancel has put his platforming-creation skills to good use, lending his expertise to the Big N in fleshing out the game's release day content.  

Why is this so exciting? If you've played either Rayman Legends or Rayman Origins, I'm sure you don't need me to answer that question for you. Ancel is a master of 2D platforming game design, so there's no doubt whatever he creates for Nintendo's Wii U exclusive is going to be awesome.

Prior reports suggested that Super Mario Maker would ship with a whopping 100 pre-made courses. While it looks like we'll have to settle for 60 at launch instead, the fact that at least one of the them is being designed by Ancel more than makes up for it.

Nintendo has been struggling as far as third-party support is concerned, and while the Rayman creator's involvement doesn't necessarily solve that glaring problem, at the very least it's an indication that the Big N is making efforts to connect with external developers in the creation of software for its console. Could this be just the beginning of a new push at Nintendo to lower its walls to other creative talent? I sure hope so!

Super Mario Maker is slated for release on September 11, exclusively for Wii U. Which other creative game designers would you like to see make levels for this creation-minded 2D platformer?

[Via Nintendo Life]

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