WWE 2K16 Reveals Their Entire Creation Suite, Create-A-Show for the First Time

With only two weeks until the game releases on October 27, WWE 2K16 has revealed its full creation suite, which was rather anemic in WWE 2K15 given the attention on the engine upgrade.

The video highlights creation modes for wrestlers, divas, championships (with a shiny new interface for creating belts), and entrances. New this year is the ability to create shows, likely built on top of the Create-A-Arena mode, so that you can fashion the HUD display for the versus screen and set up whatever match-ups you want.

I had the chance to preview Create-A-Wrestler in my hands-on experience several weeks ago, with its finely-tuned graphical modeling and expansion of clothing options (at least twice the number in WWE 2K15). The only concern I had was the new materials option which take a lot of loading time to select between. But otherwise, the creation suite is a clear upgrade from last year's. Still no Create-A-Finisher, though.