Mass Effect: Andromeda Pushed to “Early 2017”

BioWare has delayed Mass Effect: Andromeda to early 2017, according to an official blog post by Aaryn Flynn, General Manager of BioWare. This is to ensure that the developer can "deliver everything the game can be and should be."

Flynn confirms that Andromeda will be built on the Frostbite engine, which would make the game easily the most graphically impressive in the series. BioWare promises a world with an "unprecedented level of freedom."

As the title suggests, the game will be entering Andromeda, the nearest major galaxy to the Milky Way which contains approximately a trillion stars. You can expect to "meet new allies, confront new enemies, and explore fascinating new worlds," though let's hope we'll still have turians, asari, batarians, and the other races in Mordin's "Scientist Salarian" spread throughout Andromeda too.

Flynn also confirms that the EA PLAY press conference will feature Mass Effect: Andromeda on June 12, hopefully with an update that shows gameplay footage of the third-person action combat.