Kojima Productions Has a New Mascot, an Armored Sci-Fi Skeleton

It wasn't long ago that Kojima Productions departed from Konami, resulting in widespread discussion in the gaming community. It was shortly after that studio head Hideo Kojima released the logo for his "revised" studio, which depicted a skull surrounded by what appeared to be a metal head armor.

Today, Kojima Productions released a full image of what it calls "LUDENS, the icon of Kojima Productions". It appears to be an armored sci-fi skeleton holding a flag, with Roman-like head armor and what the studio calls "extra-vehicular activity creative suit". See below.

All evidence suggests that this is simply a mascot for the studio, but some are already questioning if this reveal hints at the studio's upcoming project. Hideo Kojima has shared that at the very least it captures the essence of its upcoming game, where it will "deliver the new play in the new future with cutting-edge equipment, technology, & the frontier spirit". With development being at only its initial stages, it will be a while before we find out what this really means.