PlayStation Neo Will LIkely Be Shown at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting

Sony's special PlayStation Meeting, taking place at The PlayStation Theater in New York's Time Square on September 7, will likely highlight the next PlayStation 4 console, codenamed Neo.

Sony's invitation for the event says that it will be "about the PlayStation business," but that can't really be all it's about, right? I mean, the "PlayStation Meeting" held in February 2013 was the same event when Sony showed off the PlayStation 4. Anything less than the unveiling of the PlayStation Neo would be a disappointment.

As a direct competitor to Xbox One S and Xbox Scorpio, the PlayStation Neo will be a more powerful version of the current PS4 model and will ostensibly support 4K resolution. It's unclear whether the Neo's specs will be more powerful than the Xbox Scorpio, but it will hopefully be better than the specs for the Xbox One S. Expect high-quality pixels, people.

More importantly, this event will be livestreamed, according to a statement made to Polygon, and Sony will "provide more information" on how to view it soon.