Watch Civilization VI Come To Life In Cinematic Trailer.

Usually when you think of Civilization you imagine looking down on a large strategic map, deciding which action to take next in your effort to crush Gandhi and his passive aggressive behavior. But the series is also known for some rather inspiring cinematics, backed by powerful orchestras.

The official Civilization VI launch trailer is here, and it's an epic showpiece. It shows heroism, ingenuity, inspiration, and ambition. It serves as the perfect transition from your normal life to one where you'll be playing Civilization VI during every spare hour that you have. Check it out below.

Civilization VI improves major elements of the franchise. For one, it will make cities distinct from one another with every building represented in the game world. It has also addressed the quality of the diplomacy experience, in addition to how the various victory conditions are handled.

Our hands-on preview was very positive, which you can read here. Civilization VI will release this Friday.