Obsidian Shuts Down Fallout New Orleans Hope In Favor Of Pillars Of Eternity 2

Ever since August, Fallout fans have been enamored with the pipe dream that is Fallout New Orleans, after a trademark for the title was filed. The studio behind Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian Entertainment, even softly denied that rumor when it originally circled, Tweeting a picture of a Magic 8-Ball reading "very doubtful."

But, Obsidian, themselves, inadvertently re-ignited the Fallout: New Orleans fire and made it even bigger than before, when they linked a strange, cryptic image to a section of their website called "Project Louisiana." For those unfamiliar with United States geography, New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana, so, naturally, the dreams collectively lost their minds.

While it's unclear if their next Tweet was made as a direct response to those rumors, the follow-up image Obsidian posted certainly doesn't look good for the rumored Fallout entry.

Even if you don't know Pillars of Eternity, you can just google "Leaden Key," and it will take you right to the POE Wiki page detailing the secret organization.

Given the build up by Obsidian, this is almost assuredly Pillars of Eternity II, but, even if it's not, it's certainly not Fallout: New Orleans, unless we're in the middle of an elaborate ruse by the California-based developer.

It's also worth noting that Pillars of Eternity II has already been announced, to a certain extent, with a developer confirming to GamePressure.com that they started working on it last May. It's only a matter of time before Pillars of Eternity II gets its official announcement treatment and puts to bed any hope of the mysterious, elusive Fallout: New Orleans.